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About Us

For over 40 years, Raffel Systems has been the leader in developing electronic systems and components. In 1982, Mark Raffel, an owner and operator of a retail furniture store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, began tinkering in his basement, embedding motors and heaters in furniture in search of ways to make products even more comfortable. His innovative and experimental spirit remains at the heart of Raffel Systems today. 

Since then, Raffel Systems has partnered with the world's most successful manufacturers to develop comfort systems, innovative charging solutions, and electronic motion controls. Our talented engineering staff designs sophisticated and cost-effective solutions for furniture, cinema, healthcare, hospitality, bedding, and industrial applications.

Raffel Systems, a longstanding brand of Innovation Motion Technologies, is a global producer providing sales, customer service, manufacturing, and technical support throughout North America, Asia and Europe from its headquarters in Germantown, Wisconsin.


About Innovative Motion Technologies 

Innovative Motion Technologies (IMT) is a global industrial technology platform and industry-leading designer and supplier of unique interface and controls for motion furniture, RVs, bedding, hospitality, healthcare, cinema, marine, residential HVAC and multiple industrial applications. IMT's brands include Raffel Systems and Micro-Air. 

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Our Mission Statement

We will obsess over our customers

We will never say "that's not my job"

We will stay curious about new possibilities/opportunities and act to explore them

We will have relentlessly high standards in ourselves and our team

We will embrace and drive change

We will not be afraid to think big and be open-minded and creative

We will respectfully challenge decisions and ideas when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting

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