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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I download a product catalog?

You can request a product catalog here.


Where can I purchase replacement parts?

You can purchase replacement parts at or by calling customer service at 888-987-1011. If the part you need isn’t on our website, please call customer service.

Do you have any technicians who offer on-site furniture inspections?

We do not offer an on-site repair service. However, our customer service team can help troubleshoot over the phone. You can also call your local furniture store to request a service call.

My lift chair stopped working. How do I diagnose the problem?

First, check all connections to ensure they are secure. Then, check the indicator light on the power supply. If the light is shining solid, test the power supply by pressing and holding a button on the hand control. If the light continues to shine solid while pressing the button, replace the hand control. If the light changes from shining solid to flashing, replace the power supply.

If the indicator light is flashing, leave the power supply plugged into the wall outlet and disconnect it from the furniture. If the light continues to flash, replace the power supply. If the indicator light stops flashing and begins to shine solid, reconnect to the motor and replace the hand control.

How do I unlock my hand control?

If the red lock-indicator light is illuminated, press and hold the Lock/Unlock button for 20 seconds. The red indicator light should turn off, and the green unlock light should illuminate. If the red indicator light is not turning off, replace the hand control. 

The heat and the massage work on my lift chair but there’s no response from power recline.

Check all connections to ensure they are secure. If there is no physical damage to the hand control, replace the junction box. The junction box is the small, black box mounted to the frame of your chair.

Where do I connect a hand control that only operates power recline?

All Raffel hand controls that only operate power recline/lift are designed to plug directly into the motor using an industry standard round 5-pin connector.

Where do I connect a hand control that operates power recline WITH heat and massage?

Look at the connector on the end of the hand control cord. If it is a round, 5-pin connector, it plugs directly into the lift motor. If it is a square connector, it plugs into the junction box. The junction box is typically mounted inside the furniture in the lower lumbar area.

Why isn’t my cup holder working?

See the Cup Holder Troubleshooting Guide for more information. 

Does Raffel Systems offer product warranties?

Yes, please see the One-Year Limited Warranty document for more information.

How do I return a part I no longer need?

Send the part back to the address that was listed on the packing slip with a copy of the packing slip enclosed. Please make sure to write “return for refund” on your shipping box. Once we receive the part, it will go through testing by our engineering department. If the part passes our testing process and there is no cosmetic damage, you will be refunded. This process could take up to two weeks. 

How long will it take to get my replacement part?

If we have the part in stock, we can ship it out the same day. Depending on your location, it could take anywhere from 1–4 business days with standard shipping.

Do you have expedited shipping available?

Yes, for an additional fee you may upgrade to an express service.

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