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Raffel Battery Pack

Charge with Confidence

Free up wall space and outlets with Raffel’s battery pack. This battery pack is designed to be cordless, letting you place your motion furniture in the middle of the room without the need for a close-by wall outlet or extra extension cords.

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Battery Packs for Motion Furniture

Place your furniture wherever you want and loose the cord.

  • 2000mAh or 5000mAh Capacity 
  • Active Charging
  • Balanced Charging 
  • LED Indicators 
  • Sleep Mode
  • UL Certified
  • US Based customer support and engineering


2000mAh Battery Pack

  • 250-350 Cycles*
  • 2000mAh Capacity 
  • Includes extension cord and power supply


5000mAh Battery Pack

  • 800-900 Cycles*
  • 5000mAh Capacity 
  • Includes extension cord and power supply


Retail Battery Packs: BP512 & BP536

BP512 Battery Pack is ideal for motion furniture with one or two motion seats, like lift chairs and recliners and includes an extension cord and power supply.

BP536 is ideal for 3+ motion seats and includes Y cords (2), extension cords (2), and a power supply.

  • 800-900 Cycles*
  • 5000mAh Capacity 
  • Retail Program Available 
  • POP Display available 

*Cycle count depends on load size, furniture configuration, and accessories 

Raffel Battery Packs

2000mAh Battery Pack: SPS 2A29VDC BBFM

5000mAh Battery Pack: SPS 2A29VDC BBFM 50

Retail Battery Packs: BP512 & BP536

Retail POP Display

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