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Control and monitor your equipment with style and precision

Raffel Systems offers industrial clients an extensive range of electronic solutions for their specific applications, including design, prototyping, testing, certification and manufacturing of custom controls and monitoring systems.

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Manufacturing solutions for industrial workplaces

Raffel Systems' experienced engineering staff has designed innovative electronic control systems for numerous industrial and commercial applications, including ventilation systems, pump controls, activation systems, door controls, and exercise equipment.

Whether a simple on/off switch control or a complex programmable LCD-display, our experienced team of designers and engineers can find a solution for your most challenging electronic-control needs.

Electronic Controls for Industrial Settings

Pre-programmed and user-programmable controls and monitoring systems are custom designed for each application.

Printed circuit boards are custom designed to support and connect electronic components.

Remote industrial controls allow users to operate machinery and equipment from a distance.

Hand held controls designed specifically for your application.

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