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Raffel UV-C Technology

Need to be Clean

Raffel UV-C Technology is >99% effective against viruses and bacteria in up to five minutes of UV-C exposure.

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Ditch the sprays and wipes with Raffel UV-C Technology

Reaching the difficult areas that typical cleaning wipes and sprays cannot, Raffel UV-C Technology is the ultimate sanitizing method. Our UV-C products offer a non-toxic, chemical-free, odorless solution that is safe for residential and commercial use.

Tested by an independent third-party laboratory, Raffel UV-C Technology incapacitates bacteria and viruses, confidently cleaning high-touch surfaces.

It's not clean unless it is UV-C clean.



Want to see Raffel's UV-C 
products in action? 

Video showing how UV-C works

Watch the UV-C dosimeter card change colors when exposed to UV-C light.


*All content and media on Raffel UV-C Technology is for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice. Independent lab testing show that UV-C light like the light in Raffel UV-C Technology, is able to kill up to >99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens when used correctly.

Raffel's UV-C Technology

The UV200 includes USB and wireless charging.

Control two or three actuators with the UV300. Also includes wireless and USB charging.

The UV400, which includes USB and wireless charging, can be wall or table mounted.

>99% effective in killing bacteria and viruses in up to five minutes of UV-C exposure.

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