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Update: Judge finds Man Wah must pay Raffel Systems' attorneys’ fees

Attributable to Raffel Attorney John Scheller of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP:

“Raffel is pleased with the Court’s decision to award us more than four-and-a-half years in attorneys’ fees and our maximum in punitive damages under Wisconsin’s statutory cap. The decision confirms the jury verdict that not only did Man Wah infringe our patent and trade dress, but that it did so maliciously and willfully. It is our hope that Man Wah takes this as a lesson that theft of intellectual property, as found by the jury, is bad business in the United States and elsewhere, and that stealing is never acceptable.”

“Judge Joseph validated the jury’s findings on all counts, but was constrained from approving the punitive damage award due to Wisconsin’s statutory cap. The court specifically emphasized, “Although the award must be reduced to reflect Wisconsin’s statutory cap, the jury awarded $97.5 million in punitive damages against Man Wah for misappropriation of Raffel’s trade dress. The jury was sending a strong message that it believed Man Wah’s conduct towards Raffel was particularly reprehensible. For all of these reasons, an award of attorneys’ fees is proper in this case.””

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