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Raffel Systems files complaints against Man Wah with government agencies

Filings seek action on alleged unfair trade practices following jury award of more than $106 million related to patent infringement case

GERMANTOWN, Wisc. — Motion furniture control mechanism producer Raffel Sytems has followed through on its plans to ask federal agencies to investigate the business practices of motion furniture manufacturer Man Wah Holdings.

Earlier this month the company revealed it sent letters to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the International Trade Commission and the Federal Trade Commission regarding specific allegations against Man Wah.

The letters follow a Milwaukee, Wisconsin jury’s award of more than $106 million to Raffel after it agreed that Man Wah was liable for willful trade dress infringement, misappropriation of trade dress, false patent marking and willful patent infringement related to Raffel’s integrated cup holder developed for motion upholstery.

The jury awarded $97.5 million in punitive damages and $8.7 million in actual damages. While the court is still reviewing the jury decision, an actual award could be closer to $11 million based on a cap on punitive damages in the state of Wisconsin.

However, Raffel has pursued its plans to contact the federal agencies as stated during a June 29 press conference reported by Home News Now. All three letters it sent were dated Aug. 31.

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