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UPDATE: Raffel Systems rebuts Manwah’s letter to retailers

In response to publication of Manwah’s letter to its retail customers, Furniture Today has received the following statement from Raffel’s lead trial counsel, John Scheller of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP:

“Man Wah’s latest attempt to convince the industry it did not steal Raffel’s intellectual property is nearly identical to its effort at trial, which resulted in a unanimous guilty verdict and one of the largest financial penalties in Milwaukee’s federal court’s history. The undisputed facts are that Man Wah deliberately copied Raffel’s intellectual property, proactively included Raffel’s patent number on its own counterfeit product, and its former U.S. CEO admitted to doing so in emails. The jury reviewed all of this evidence and more at trial and decided resoundingly in Raffel’s favor. Man Wah’s latest attempts to describe itself as an upstanding corporate citizen are laughable given the large body of evidence against Man Wah that was brought to light in the public trial, which Raffel will continue to shine a light on to the industry and to relevant governmental agencies.”

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