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Empower your tech-savvy consumers

Integrated USB-charging stations, standalone charging and power supplies are some of Raffel Systems’ most frequently requested features. Our USB-charging solutions offer single or dual ports and are compatible with most smartphones, tablets and devices on the market.

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Keeping homes and users connected

Integrated USB-charging solutions, as well as standalone options such as pop-up or mounted chargers, have become must have features in all furniture. We seamlessly integrate our device-charging solutions in mounted controls, hand controls and cup holders to provide ease of installation and the ultimate in user convenience.

We also offer standard power strips with USB-charging ports and 120V outlets with GFI protection as well as other power supplies ranging from 5V to 29V output. Raffel evaluates voltage and amperage on a product-by-product basis, ensuring optimal performance for each unit.

Charging & Power-Supply Technologies

Raffel's 29V battery pack with status-indicating LED light provides power without the cord running across the floor.

Our stingray-shaped USB charger is outfitted with two mounting holes and 6" pigtail cord.

USB-charging port, a round pop-up platform with a single USB outlet and multiple finishes options.

Raffel's pop-up power strip has two 110VAC outlets, two USB chargers and a status light.

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